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Media Arts in the Spotlight

June 20, 2023 9:05 pm/By Jonathan Dooley

Great News: The NM Academy for the Media Arts in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been designated a “New Mexico Spotlight School” by the PED. Congrats to our learning community for reaching this top rating. We all have a reason to celebrate!

Becoming a Spotlight School means that students at Media Arts are scoring above the 75th percentile for grade-level proficiency in Math, Reading & Science. Furthermore, students are showing substantial growth in Math & Reading, and Media Arts English-Language Learners are becoming proficient in English within their five-year expectation. Lastly, our 95% Attendance Rate has been consistent. Way2Go!

This year, the Media Arts charter was renewed for another five-year term. This is a great boost of confidence from the Public Education Commission. Indeed, to achieve this with no conditions signaled a new era. The Charter School Division observed our educational program, as well as our success with Pathways and Internships. Recent graduates “Exceeded Standards” at 100% and 84%, respectively. And speaking of graduation, Media Arts surpassed the state graduation rate at 79%.

As students excelled in Project-Based Learning, staff established milestones each week to help students monitor their progress. Additionally, the staff organized Exhibitions of Learning and continued their morning collaboration to chart interventions that work for academic success and to support socio-emotional learning. Lastly, our focus on SEL resulted in an historic capital outlay of $275,000 to complete our community greenspace.

Along with media technology, admin increased our online presence through Search Engine Optimization, as well as regular postings of student media and school news. As a result, the number of lottery applicants increased to the largest since the pandemic. Currently, we may even have a second Freshmen cohort, and the enrollment looks to reach its two year goal of 225 (or more) for the fall.

Media production has more than doubled in the past two years and student “F” grades have dropped to the lowest percentages since starting to collect the data. This demonstrates that the school’s Universal Prep and Operation: Reconnect are working. With equity in mind, Media Arts has a diverse student population that reflects the demographics of New Mexico and a curriculum that embraces student voice and choice.

As I retire from education after 40 years, seven of which as your instructional leader, I am confident that Media Arts has acquired the momentum and sustainability to continue the founders’ good work and to make a difference in the lives of others. I wish everyone the best in the coming school year…and beyond!

Breathe Deep and Seek Peace,

Jonathan Dooley, Principal

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