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Dooley, Jonathan

Jonathan Dooley


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Jonathan Dooley brings 35 years of educational experience to the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School community. He started his career on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona where he began developing the dynamics of project-based learning, home/school communication and media literacy. As a school leader, he continues this philosophy, most recently working with teachers and staff in the Barelas Community in southwest Albuquerque.

Jonathan’s philosophy embraces democracy in education and the art of building relationships. In the school community, this includes the empowerment of ideas to establish caring classrooms that support a student’s natural ability to learn and the teacher as a practitioner of learning.

As a NMTeach “Highly Effective” leader, Jonathan’s vision involves five planks:

  • Students and teachers want to play,
  • Students and teachers want to learn,
  • Students and teachers want respect for their experiences,
  • Students and teachers want someone to listen to them, and
  • Students and teachers are aware of diversity.

Jonathan believes that in our society of free and appropriate public education, students and teachers deserve an enriched bag of choices and opportunities to pursue their dreams and aspirations, and to work together to achieve goals of justice and equity in the school setting that they would not have been able to do working alone. As a result, students and teachers engage in a larger mission of community empowerment and democracy.

An avid fan of movie musicals, Jonathan plays trombone in a local band, has been host/ producer of an award-winning NPR program and had even made a few television commercials as a kid. He enjoys visiting the National Parks and lives with his family, three cats and one cairn terrier, in Cedar Crest.

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