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MACCS Math & Meal Parent Nights Kick-Off

January 31, 2019 11:02 pm/By Jonathan Dooley

To prepare 7th & 8th graders for the rigors of high school, MACCS is offering a series of Math & Meal events for parents & students. The gatherings began Wednesday, January 30, in the TV Production Studio in the basement of the bank building. MACCS went live with this event and will have it uploaded to the MACCS YouTube channel soon.

As part of the MACCS Comprehensive Support & Improvement grant to inspire our students to be successful in Math, the evenings are facilitated by Mr. Martín Gabaldón, a Math teacher who has a wealth of experience helping parents & students to make cents, or rather sense, out of Math!

Thanks so much to the MACCS parents for joining us for the first Math & Meal Night. Thanks also to Mr. Pat Kelly and Mr. Anthony Conforti for organizing the event and Live Streaming the lesson, respectfully. Everyone’s participation sets the bar that Math Matters and students can become Math Wizards!

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