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MACCS Middle School Project Genesis Night

May 21, 2019 11:46 pm/By Jonathan Dooley

All semester, MACCS Middle School students worked on a project called Project Genesis. Students learned about the human race, from its humble beginnings, to its evolution into nomadic tribes, then agricultural communities, cities, kingdoms and empires. Students demonstrated what they had learned.

After they were given maps to territories on an alternate Earth, and based upon the geography of their territories, students created a civilization of their own, reflective of how civilization, as we know it, developed here. Students prepared for museum walks to exhibit artifacts from their civilizations as a museum would, acting as docents for parents and families who came to visit.

Thanks to the MACCS Middle School Team:  Vary Coates (Science), Anthony Conforti (Mass Media), Michael Dolce (Social Studies), Chris López (Visual Art), Laurie Price (Math) and Anne Strader (Language Arts). 

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