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Class of 2021 Are the Champions

May 25, 2021 9:43 am/Published by Jonathan Dooley

Darian Thomson, Salutatorian Address

Good afternoon everyone! I am so honored to be speaking here today in front of all of you. This year has not been easy on any of us, so I’m glad we at least got this. Who’s with me? Absolutely.

You know, we’ve all changed a lot over our time at MACCS. I bet we remember our first day here, whether it was great or terrible. Back then, our futures were uncertain. They were uncertain in a good way, with an infinite number of possibilities just waiting for us to come along and take them, with a youth’s unparalleled hope, with a spark in all of us. Nevertheless, uncertainty was a double-edged sword.

Not an insignificant number of us wondered when our next meal would be, whether we were safe, if we would live to see our next birthday. Adolescence is quite possibly the hardest time of our lives. Life will always be like a path through a dark wood, twisting, unfamiliar, and painful. But I believe that the path will lead you to freedom. It will lead you into the light.

I don’t know when or how, not a single person on this entire planet could, but I know that we will survive. No matter how dark or long the night grows, the sun will rise. And I know all of us will rise, will survive. We are imperfect, broken, beautiful people who can overcome anything. Whether a new college or a new job, getting up in the morning or starting a revolution, we will live on.

Now, our path has lead us to a fork in the road, each new branch sure to take us to a new world. These new worlds are sure to be strange, confusing, wonderful, and so much more. I have faith that all of us will find our place in these worlds. And if we can’t, we’ll just have to make a place for ourselves. If they are not ready for us, we will find one that is. Because we are all stars. I know we can do anything. I know we’re ready to take those new paths now. Are you with me? 

Class Song:

We Are the Champions, Queen

Class Motto:

“High school is like riding a bike, except the bike is on fire and the ground is on fire and everything is on fire.”  

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