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Class of 2018 Earns 365 Dual Credits!

May 20, 2018 8:07 pm/Published by Jonathan Dooley

Senior Slideshow

Class of 2018 

Soul Aragon – Film Production Pathway, 26 Dual Credits

Mateo Artiaga-Montano – 12 Dual Credits

Shaylee Becker – Programming & Design Pathway, 21 Dual Credits

Kade Beien – Visual Arts Pathway, 3 Dual Credits

Birk Bergman – Visual Arts Pathway, 12 Dual Credits

Kelli Cameron – Programming & Design, 18 Dual Credits, Honors

Sarah Compton – Visual Arts Pathway, 28 Dual Credits, Honors

Zackary Ifversen – Programming & Design Pathway, 9 Dual Credits

Chiara June – Visual Arts Pathway, 16 Dual Credits

Tate Lovelady – Programming & Design Pathway, 16 Dual Credits

Roman Luna – Visual Arts Pathway, 13 Dual Credits

Rachel Mapes – 27 Dual Credits, Honors

Sonnet Nunnery – Visual Arts Pathway, 18 Dual Credits

Magen Nutt – 6 Dual Credits

Ignacio Olguin – 3 Dual Credits

Shanti Rosen – Programming & Design Pathway, 41 Dual Credits, Honors

Lilly Smith – Visual Arts Pathway, 15 Dual Credits

Jazzmine Trujillo – Film Production Pathway, 8 Dual Credits

Daniel Vasquez – 5 Dual Credits

Olivia Weinreich – Visual Arts Pathway, 18 Dual Credits

Marcus Whitehead – 13 Dual Credits

Media Arts Collaborative Charter School has one of the best Dual Credit programs in the state, and half of our high school faculty are also CNM instructors. MACCS students are able to earn college credit on our campus as well as at CNM and UNM campuses.

The Class of 2018 has earned a collective 365 college credits, and 15 students have completed at least a semester of college credits. Of the 21 graduates, 10 have taken and passed rigorous, industry-standard certification assessments and will be leaving MACCS professionally certified in Adobe Photoshop and/ or Microsoft Word.

Class Quote:  “Get a Job.” Andrew Barrow, Film Instructor

Class Song:  Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Tears for Fears


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