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2nd Annual FOTO Signs for MACCS

May 4, 2018 8:52 pm/Published by Jonathan Dooley

Congrats to MACCS for participating in the Friends of the Orphan Signs outreach for the second year in a row. Thanks go to Mr. Isaac AlaridPease for his inspiration. Also to the following students who shared their immense talent:  Marion Brainard, Esther Burton, Xion Hurtado, Cece Mastropolito, Samone Nash, Noa Nuñez, Thomas Prando, Ashley Rich, Caleb Schuh, Cesar Silva, Andrew Viramontes-Cantrell and Zach Willie. 

Friends of the Orphan Signs is a local 501c3 Arts Organization that runs an educational art project in the Highland District, just West of San Mateo along Central Ave. The premise of our organization is that to collaborate with local communities to create artwork that is printed and installed on empty vintage signs living on empty lots.

The organization collaborates with one class from MACCS and from Highland High School to develop imagery that is printed and installed on Central Avenue signs between the schools. This year’s workshop series focused around the overarching theme of “Sustainability.”

We are hosting a celebration for this year’s project next Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 10:30AM, at the Highland High School Performing Arts Center (5124 Zuni Road SE). This will be the first opportunity for all of the collaborating artists from both schools to meet, after collaborating with one another remotely over the past two months. It promises to be a very special experience!

We have invited the local district commissioner Maggie Hart-Stebbins, journalists from the Alibi and the Albuquerque Journal, Mayor Tim Keller, and the Highland District Neighborhood Association leaders. We want to show these students how important their work is to our community. 

Please visit the Friends of the Orphan Signs website to learn more about our organization:

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