Media Arts Collaborative Charter School
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Support Services

Early Warning Systems

Download MACCS Early Warning Systems.

Family Frameworks

Evening stakeholder dinner meetings that address specific needs of the MACCS community, such as College Information and Parent Math Night.


Student Health Advisory Council – The MACCS SHAC meets once each semester to ensure that the student and staff  environment is healthy and safe.

Special Education

MACCS operates its special education program through full inclusion of students in the regular classroom setting. The small class sizes and teacher expertise create an environment where the students have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers. Additional support is provided to each student based on their individual learning needs that are determined by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team. Additional services to support the students’ education can range from speech to language services, physical therapy, and many more to ensure the implementation of the IEP within the Least Restrictive Environment so that the student is receiving a free and appropriate public education.

If you are a parent or guardian of a student who has received special education services during their academic experience we encourage you to be of assistance by bringing us as much information as possible to help us facilitate the services needed to provide an appropriate educational experience for your child.

To learn more about your rights as a parent and child in Special Education, please refer to your Parent/Student Handbook.

To learn more about the Special Education program, please contact MACCS Special Education Coordinator, Sherry Russell at or call 505-243-1957 x103.

School Counseling Program

The School Counselor at Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (MACCS) is Ms. Alicia Faulds.  For parents to request a meeting, please send an email to or call 505-243-1957 x102.  Students can request a meeting by filling out a meeting request form on Ms. Alicia’s door.  Ms. Alicia is a licensed School Counselor and Mental Health Counselor.

The driving purpose of the counseling program at MACCS is to promote a school culture that fosters every students’ attainment of the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to be successful academically, personally/socially, and in career confidence.

Ms. Alicia aligns her counseling program with the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) model, using both a prevention-focused school-wide guidance curriculum and individualized, responsive services with the goal of meeting the diverse needs of all students at MACCS.

Ms. Alicia collaborates with the principal, school social worker, the SPED Coordinator, and students’ Advisors on a regular basis to identify and meet students’ needs.

While Ms. Alicia works with students for personal/social and academic issues, she also supports students in career exploration and the college admissions process, and everything in between.  The counseling program provides an online Advisory Resource Center that is a “one-stop-shopping” site with a compilation of information about career exploration, college admissions, scholarship/financial aid, resume writing, summer programs, and more.  All of MACCS students and their parents have access to this resource center.  Connect to the Advisory Resource Center here: or for for more information, contact Ms. Alicia.